Oh, Halloween

2 11 2010

How was your Halloween?

I love seeing what everyone dressed up as and what people dressed their children as. I was a Pirate wench. My boyfriend, Chris, gave me the idea. Fortunately, I found a really cute costume. My bestfriend, Brooke, decided to be a witch. IT was a lot of fun to go out with all the other fellow Halloween obsessed people.

On a side note, Congradulations to the winner of Megan‘s first CAL (and mine, too).  Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I am impressed by the winner, Megan. She has an adorable bat with her pumpkin. But, have no fear…I’ve already started another CAL. I guess I’m turning into a crochet along machine. Over at Bernat, they’re having a mystery crochet along. I needed a stash buster and this just seemed perfect. That project, my first quilt(s) I’m making for Christmas gifts, other Holiday presents & projects, and job hunting has definitely given me a full plate! Oh and let’s not forget my website I’m working on. Links to come soon!!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Chris fixing my costume




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